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Guided & Assisted- SEAL Romeoville

The Guided and Assisted Program provides specialized classrooms to serve autistic students and students with varying emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs. This program focuses on development of individualized success and independence. 

SEAL South, Romeoville* develops IEP goals in collaboration with the concerns of parents and the school districts. The program will utilize a database system for periodic evaluation and programmatic description that can be objectively verified. 

Communications, sensory, and behavioral support systems are ciritcal elements utilized within these structured environments. A combination of functional academic learning, daily living skills, and pre-vocational programming are individualized based on student needs. 

A single methodology is not representative of our practice. Instead, a combination of structured visual learning systems (i.e. TEACCH), community-based learning, job boxes, and individualized programming are used to encance social, emotional, and academic growth. S.E.A.L. also provides related functional services such as individual Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. 

* The Guided and Assisted spectrum day program is provided only at the SEAL Romeoville location. 

Teacher and Pupil


Woman Tutoring Child

The students enrolled in S.E.A.L. Quest who may require various services are deficient in their ability to fully access the program’s academic and incentive systems as a product of their diagnosed learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.  Direct support services include, but not limited to the following environments throughout a typical school day;

  • supervision of the transition from transportation (located on the southwest side of building) into the building followed by transition from the designated arrival area to the student’s assigned classroom (and vice versa during the transition from school building onto transportation)

  • instructional support during all life skills class periods in a self-contained classroom

  • physical guidance during Expressive Therapy Groups (i.e., Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Recreational Therapy)

  • management during behavioral crises followed by supervision of student if outside the classroom (likely to occur in offices) as described in policies SE-PPBID07 and SE-PPRM01

Through these supportive services, students are guided in their navigation of the program. 

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