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Counseling Services

Students meet individually with a Licensed Counselor or Certified Social Worker for an indicated time period, each week, based on the Individual Education Plan (IEP). 

The counselor or social worker also strives to facilitate family involvement and communicate pertinent issues, concerns, and progress, as well as assist with crises in the academic environment. 

SEAL provides a therapeutic team approach which supports a collaborative effort between direct Therapeutic Counseling and Expressive Therapy. This unique modality optimizes the opportunity for progress related to behavioral success and ultimately provides the student with positive and reinforcing school experiences.

Speech Therapy Services

Students receive speech and language therapy as indicated on their IEP.  Services occur one-to-one, in small groups, or directly in the classroom to help students overcome their involvement with a specific disorder. 

Some strategies include: language intervention activities, articulation therapy, oral motor therapy.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy is provided for students per IEP specification. Each SEAL campus contracts the services of a Licensed Occupational Therapist in order to meet the occupational therapy needs and IEP goals of students.


Occupational therapists work with students independently, in groups, and/or within the classroom setting according to the needs and strengths of the student.

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