Transition Program

Requirements of

Transition Legislation 
(IDEA, 2004; P.L. 108-446)

clarifies that the purpose of each student’s full appropriate public education is to 
“prepare them for further education, employment and independent living.”


The S.E.A.L. Transition Team invites students to be an active member in creating their own personal program within the structure and existing systems that is tailored to their individual interests, career aspiration and family guidelines.  Because the program is structured with low instructor to student ratios, participants will benefit from customized activities while also developing critical living skills through regular practice under the supervision of Vocational Instructors.

Living Skills

Throughout a student’s time in the S.E.A.L. Transition Program, they will receive supervised instruction and evaluation of executive functioning in:

  • Daily living tasks

  • Self care

  • Organization

  • Effective communication 

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Financial management

These interactions are intended to support students to gradually transition from interdependence to independence at school, at home and in their communities. 

Employ-ability Skills

A collaboration with interest inventories, aptitude tests and guardian input, students will explore the educational and training requirements in their fields of interests.

Participation in both vocational and volunteer community programs, Job Coaching, On Site Vocational training, through:

  • Vending machine services (purchasing, stocking, keeping inventory, banking)

  • Day-to-day janitorial & cleaning services

  • School lunch food preparation

  • School library program

  • Elementary incentive program (stock & facilitate)

Community Connection

The S.E.A.L. Transition Program acknowledges the necessity to incorporate activities that showcase the importance of balancing our “working lives” with recreation, leisure and volunteer experiences.  
In addition to the programs above, students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in monthly outings to explore healthy outlets 
to relieve and decompress from the stress 
of daily life.


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