Music Therapy

Projects and Interventions from SEAL's Music Therapists!

BandLab Tutorial from Mr. Nick (SEAL Woodstock)

Click HERE for the BandLab link

Disney "Name that Tune"   from Ms. Nikki (SEAL Lombard)

Song Lyric Generator from Mr. Nick (SEAL Woodstock)

Click HERE for the Song Generator Link. 

Music Jeopardy from Ms. Nikki (SEAL Lombard)

Open in Google Slides and click "present"

Water Xylophone with Ms. Nikki (SEAL Lombard)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation with

Ms. Maggie (SEAL Romeoville)

Launch Pad Tutorial with Mr. Nick (Woodstock)

Get the LaunchPad Web App HERE! 

Music Resources from SEAL's Music Therapists!

Make your own music!

(Best for older students)

Music as Language – Victor Wooten (TED Ed)

Music and Math – The Genius of Beethoven (TED Ed)

How to Read Music (TED Ed)

Visualizing Rhythm (TED Ed)

Earworms (TED Ed)

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain (TED Ed)

Seeing Song Through the Ears of a Synesthete (TED)

The Art of Listening (Full-length music documentary)

The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers.

Best for younger students, with parent assistance!

You Are My Sunshine, Madlib!

Blues Song Prompt


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