Policies and Procedures

In the event of an absence, a parent/guardian must notify SEAL. by 8:30 a.m.. 
When calling the school, the parent/guardian should provide the following information:          
1. The student's name           
2. The date of the absence              
3. The reason for the absence              
4. The caller's name and relationship to the student 

Daily attendance at school is required by state law. If the student has several excused absences, the parent/guardian may be asked to bring in a doctor's note. If a student has five consecutive unexcused absences, the home school district will be notified. School district officials will initiate contact with a truancy officer should the absences become a concern.

Transportation, Safety & Security
Each student’s home school district will determine transportation arrangements to and from SEAL.  The S.E.A.L. rules and expectations will be enforced from the time a student enters transportation through the time he/she is dropped off from school. 

To ensure a safe school environment all students are searched daily upon arrival. This may include: the use of a metal detection device, removal of outerwear, and inspection of personal belongings. Random searches may also be conducted throughout the school day. 


Food & Lunch Policy
Bringing food or drink of any kind to school is not permitted. Students will be offered a catered lunch and supplemental food items in order to accommodate certain dietary needs or religious practices. Arrangements may be made for celebrating special occasions or circumstances. 


Dress Code
Student’s are expected to groom and dress in a manner that does not compromise or interfere with the health, safety and decency of the school environment. The following is prohibited:   
• Clothing referencing or depicting alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, violence, vulgarity or sexual themes 
• Clothing which may be viewed as gang related 
• Head wear (hats, headbands, bandanas, etc.) except for weather or religious purposes 
• Coats or jackets indoors 
• Provocative clothing 
• Short shorts or skirts 
• Midriff shirts Displaying inappropriate body art 
• Accessories that could be used as a weapon 

If clothing is viewed as unacceptable or inappropriate by staff, the student may be asked to remove accessories, change, or turn clothing inside out. The student may not participate in the school setting without full compliance.

Belongings & Money
Any belongings which are not required for educational or programmatic purposes will be stored in a secure area and returned at dismissal. All contraband will be confiscated. Only under arranged or special circumstances may students bring more than ten dollars to school.

A student will not permitted to enter the school should the student posses any of the following: 
• Weapons of any kind including look-a-likes 
• Illegal substances including look-a-likes 
• Lighters or matches 
• Cigarettes 
• Drug paraphernalia   
• Cameras or video devices 
• Adult rated CDs, games, movies etc. 
• Inappropriate written materials 
• Any gang related or otherwise offensive materials 
• Combustible substances 
• Laser devices 

Computer Policy
Students are provided computer time for word processing and internet research. Responsible use of computers and the internet is expected. An internet usage form is signed upon entry into the SEAL program. 


Emergency Procedures
In cooperation with local and state authorities, all precautions are taken for the safety and protection of students and staff.  Fire and disaster drills are held periodically. It is important for students to move quickly and orderly. Specific exit directions are posted in all the classrooms and hallways.  

In the event of severe weather, SEAL North (Lombard) will follow the closing announcements of Glenbard High School District - 87. SEAL South (Romeoville) will follow the closing announcements of Valley View District 365-U.

Behavior Management & Rewards Program
The Behavior Management Program consists of an integration of cognitive-behavioral therapy and logical consequences. There is a behavior management point and level system, which provides students with clear, concrete and immediate feedback. Various privileges and rewards are contingent on the student’s achievement in the behavior management system. The goal is to use the behavior management system as a transitory tool towards internalization of new behaviors and skills. The combination of a concrete behavior management system, a challenging curriculum and the nurturing therapeutic environment enables the student to make educational progress while encouraging positive social and emotional development.


Points System: 
A daily points sheet is utilized to keep track of progress both behaviorally and academically.  Students can earn points for demonstrating positive behavior such as:
• active participation  
• positive peer leadership  
• class preparedness and homework completion 
• appropriate peer interactions 
• on-task behavior 
• following directives 
• respectful behavior 
• cooperation 
• daily attendance  


Level System: 
The level system consist of 5 levels, including transitioning. The student’s level is contingent on daily point accumulation and maintaining a certain percentage over an established period of time. The higher a student’s level the more privileges and rewards he/she will earn.


• Social Lunch (students can eat in the cafeteria with peers, use vending machines, play games, etc.) 
• Computer Time 
• Club Participation 
• Field Trips/Outings 
• Hall Pass rather than staff escort 
• Intramural Competitions 
• Free Time Activities, i.e. Nintendo, movies, games, music, etc.


Expected Behavior & Conduct
Expected Behaviors: 
In order to maintain a safe environment conducive for learning, students are expected to meet the following expectations: 
• Being prepared for classes 
• Being in designated area 
• Completing class work and assignments on time 
• Paying attention in class and asking questions for clarification 
• Following staff directives and instruction 
• Following school rules 
• Being respectful when interacting with staff and students 
• Treating school property and the property of others with respect 
• Students shall not handle, use, or disturb any materials, telephones or equipment without permission from staff 
• Gum chewing is not permitted 
• Coats or jackets may not be worn in school 
• Buying or borrowing between students is not permitted 
• All school rules and behavioral expectations are enforced during transportation to and from school including field trips and other school related activities.

• Substance abuse, criminal involvement, sexual harassment or discriminatory behavior of any kind will not be tolerated 
• Students are not permitted in off-limits areas or areas which have not been authorized by a staff member 
• Students are expected to refrain from using profanity or displaying inappropriate gestures or expressions 
• Students are expected to respond and comply with staff directives at all times 
• Depending on the severity of conduct the following consequences may apply:            
- Removal from peer group            - In School Suspension (ISS)            - Out of School Suspension (OSS)            - Police Contact


Administration of Medication
Students requiring prescription or over-the-counter medication during school hours must adhere to the following guidelines: 
• The Student's doctor and parent/guardian must complete the Medication Administration Form. 
• The parent/guardian must provide the school with a labeled pharmacy container with the student's name on it. 
• The medication will be administered by the school nurse or other authorized school personnel at the designate time. 
• School personnel will maintain records on medications administered 
• Under no circumstances will S.E.A.L. administer any medication not authorized in writing by a physician and the parent/guardian 


Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI)
All staff members are trained in Crisis Prevention and Intervention, system of non-violent crisis intervention and de-escalation. While SEAL does not accept students who are at imminent risk of harming themselves or others, students may occasionally become disruptive or threatening. At such times, students may be referred to additional resources outside of the classroom. Students receive help in crisis intervention, access to their therapist and additional counseling related to solving the behavioral problem or returning to class. 



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